Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trout ARRIVAL!!!!

Today the long-awaited trout arrived. A box with the words "Live Fish" on it arrived in the office at 1:57 pm and Mrs. Green called down to the classroom right away to let us know. We were a little nervous because we just turned the chiller on yesterday and the temperature was not regulated yet. We didn't expect the eggs (alevin) until Thursday, so we thought we had time.

Below is the video we watched to prepare for the trout arrival. Everything was the same, except our trout did not arrive in the alevin stage. Most of the eggs had already hatched and they were in the sac-fry stage. When we saw that, we realized that was probably why the PA Fish and Game Commission shipped the trout early.

Here are pictures of us separating the live "sac-fry" from the dead and putting them in the fish tank. We did not use the turkey baster method, but instead used the spoon method.

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