Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Skyping with Kenya

Today two of my four classes had the honor of Skyping with the amazing Livingstone Kegode a teacher in Kimilili, Kenya. We Skyped with him earlier this year and he inspired my students so much that they have been learning Swahili using a program called Duolingo. They created digital animal research projects and picture books for his students. This Friday they are hosting a talent show, bake sale and selling their own homemade wares to raise funds to ship 3D printed animals, letters and numbers to their Kenyan friends. They have also been collecting books for an organization called Books for Africa that has a warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia. Part of the money they raise will go toward shipping the books to Atlanta. That organization will take the books to Africa and personally give the books to children in the villages in Africa. I am very proud of my students. Until this week this has been a truly student-driven project. I am only stepping in now to help with the last minute logistics of their plan. These KIDS ARE AMAZING! and thank you, Livingstone, for inspiring them to do great things! Help Livingstone Kegode Save the HIP AFRICA School! Open World Cause.
Skyping with Livingstone and his students.

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