Sunday, February 4, 2018

Robotic Rhinos Make the Paper!

"Reprinted courtesy of The Record-Argus."

Prosthetic Hands

We have been studying 3D printing since September. We have learned how to download the files for the prosthetic hands, scale them, slice them, print them, and put them together to complete a hand. So far we have only created The Raptor Hand by eNable, but now that we have mastered that, we plan to branch out to some of the other types of hands like the Raptor Reloaded by eNable and the Unlimbited Phoenix Hand by Team Unlimbited. We really want to make hands for those in need. We are asking to be certified as eNable hand creators by Credily. We came up with the cool idea of making a Mannequin Challenge video to show off our classroom and our hands. We are submitting that video and a video of the only hand we actually put the screws, velcro, and padding in for approval to the amazing "eNabling the Future Organization" in hopes that we will be matched with real live recipients. Cross your fingers that we will be approved!!!!!