Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Schoolyard Habitat

This year is a very special year, in that it is our very last year at East Elementary. All of the trees students have chosen for their "Adopt a Tree" project are in our Schoolyard Habitat that was established over seventeen years ago by students just like them! The goal, in the year 2000, was to take a grassy place in the schoolyard and create a place that animals might make their home and students might interact with nature in a small man-made created woodland. As you view the pictures below, I am sure you can see we succeeded. This happened with the help of thousands of students over almost two decades, and although I will miss our school, I know I will miss our habitat most.

Be sure to compare the pictures from the establishment of the habitat to the current pictures, so you can see how far this small piece of land has come.


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