Friday, March 23, 2018

The Talent Show for HIP Academy

What happens when you let Kids take charge? I could not be prouder of these kids! They came up with an idea to help others less fortunate half a globe away! Just so you know, I had barely anything to do with this project!!!! This was pure Kids doing what Kids can do when you don’t tell them what to do, when you set no limits, when you just listen and say yes you can do that!

The day of the show, the janitors asked how many chairs we would need for the event. I had no idea so I said 100, picturing half of them empty. I also told them to just leave the chairs out. Kids stayed after school, set the whole gym up, ate donated pizza (thank you Maddy’s mom), and waited for the crowd to appear. It wasn’t long before the kids were in search of MORE chairs!!!

The night was amazing! I never touched a dollar of the money. The kids handled all of it! The show was perfect (not adult perfect, but kid perfect!) I also want to note that I didn’t spend a cent on cups or plates or any of the supplies the kids sold (except the 3d printed stuff) which is unusual for a teacher “in charge” of a school event. The kids did it all! It was the kids all the way! And for those of us heading into our golden age, it is good to know, we are in good hands!

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The Slide presentation below was written and presented by our class president, Tristen.

Printed with permission from Record Argus

A 360 degree video of the talent show. The sound is not great, but it is fun to move the screen around and look at what's going on from different angles.

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