Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lava Lamps

Blogworthy Notes - Scientific Method

Edusketch and Carol Anne McGuire

Carol Anne McGuire is an amazing educator from Anaheim, California. We have been learning to take notes using a strategy called Edusketching from Mrs. McGuire by watching her instructional videos on YouTube. We have been practicing her strategies for a couple months now, and today we got to meet her on skype! Below are some pictures of our Skype call.

Below shows one of the videos where we learned Edusketching. To watch more, subscribe to Carol Anne's YouTube channel.

Be on the watch on this blog for "Blogworthy Notes" where we use and expand upon the Edusketch notetaking ideas!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Veteran's Day

Today the district came together to honor veterans at the Greenville High School. Greenville's veterans were invited, student speakers explained the branches of the military, and students sang patriotic songs. Below, listen to students from East Elementary and Hempfield Elementary singing one of those patriotic songs.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Meet Faith

We have adopted this little girl and are financing her education. We plan to create lessons and books for her and we are also going to make toys and educational items for her and her classmates on the 3D printer.

This week two classes got to skype with one of the teachers at Faith's school, Mr. Livingstone Kergode. He answered every question we asked him from what is the attendance like at your school? (excellent, because nobody wants to miss anything!) to are there horses? (No, only the rich people in the cities own horses.) He taught us some Swahili and the shoulder dance and we all "dabbed" together! We learned so much, and many of us took notes so that we would not forget. Below are some pictures of our skypes with Livingstone. Cool, huh?