Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Our identity

First and foremost, we are the Symbiotic Classroom! Our environment is one of symbiosis whereas, we all rely on each other, learn together and have mutually beneficial outcomes. Symbiosis does not happen by accident, and it is not easy. We will spend this year adjusting and cooperating to create a perfect environment for each living and non-living thing in our classroom environment.

Our class named itself the Robotic Rhinos and we will forever be referred to as Mrs. Abernethy's Robotic Rhinos. Former classes have coined the phrase that once a Robotic Rhino, always a Robotic Rhino. My wish is that the Robotic Rhinos will continue to rely on each other, help each other and support each other long after they leave the confines of this symbiotic classroom.

Below are a series of pictures that were eventually merged to become our class logo. These are not the only entries, just the finalists. We definitely have an artistic crew in this amazing classroom.

Created by Peyton

Created by Kolton

The combined logo

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